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What We Do

Over the years, Agri-Labs, Inc. has grown and changed as technology has advanced.  When we began, we provided testing by soil type.  Multiple soil samples were grouped together to get a reading for a certain soil type from each field.  After several years of this method, we wanted to know what information we would find if each sample were ran separately.  That led us to the 2.5 acre grid sampling in 1986.  The next ten years saw a major growth in technology and by 1995 we were offering GPS soil sampling.

As technology continues to develop, Agri-Labs, Inc. is committed to investigating those opportunities and finding the ones that are beneficial to you.

With our research and over 20 years of grid sampling knowledge, we have the right answers for your fields today!

Agri-Labs, Inc. operates our own lab.  We receive samples directly from our personnel or from dealers and farmers directly. Either way, our process starts by drying the samples, running quality checks throughout the process and ending with the data for the day compiled and ready for release to the data processing center.  Before final release, the lab manager reviews the raw data, and then sends it on its way to be processed as requested and finally out to the customer

We also participate in a national proficiency testing program, an outside quality check of our lab. This requires us to test samples 4 times per year and send the results back so we can be compared to the known standard for each sample.

Our data processing center has the ability to process the results and send out files in the most popular formats for most all GPS spreading applications.  We have a computer support person on staff to help get the data format right for your needs.

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