Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Multi-year Yield Analysis

Fertility Management Programs

Agri-Labs provides a wide range of soil fertility programs to meet your operation's needs.

Platinum Program- Utilizes high resolution SoilOptix® scanning to provide you with individual soil property maps, each with its own management zone map. Further details on the SoilOptix® program.

Gold Program- Your fields are sampled on a 1.1 acre grid to provide a sampling option that has finer detail than the standard 2.5 acre grid. Customized recommendation maps are provided for two crop years.

Silver Program- Soil sampling is on a 2.5 acre grid. Customized recommendation maps are provided for two crop years.

Basic Program- Our standard program includes soil sampling on a 2.5 acre grid. Standard recommendation maps (P, K, and Lime only) are provided for one crop year.

-All programs can be combined with your harvest data to further zero in on your management decisions.

-Our recommendation maps are compatible with industry leading precision platforms.

Data Management

Our data management system allows you to upload data from your location directly into our system.   You can upload as-applied data and harvest data with ease using the automatic uploading process.  Once we install an application on your computer, it looks for as-applied data and harvest data once you insert your card from the field.  It automatically recognizes the type of data and sends it to us.  Once loaded, you can view and print your data by logging in online.  It is super easy to use!

If you select our Premium Package, we can use that data to improve your decision making skills.


In row crop farming, there are a number of problems that can occur that may reduce yield potential if not discovered in a timely manner. Weeds, pests, nutrient deficiencies, and weather damage are just a few. With research and the resulting technology we have at our fingertips, we are able to scout faster and more efficiently.

It is important to scout several times a season to make sure that the plant is up and out of the ground, growing correctly, and is not showing signs of stress or damage. There is no substitute for being in the field and looking at the plants first hand. Maybe it's an exceptionally wet year and your nitrogen is being washed out of the reach of the roots. This could be further compounded with fungus that has set in and is inhibiting the plant as well. Maybe it's a dry year and spider mites are infesting the field to add to the already stressed plant. Timely scouting is a must.

Agri-Labs offers field scouting as a service to help you diagnose a problem and figure out how to tackle it. If you are interested in having us scout your fields, contact us for further details.
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