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Field Pictures

A field after it has been scanned with sampling points.    


Potassium Map

pH Map


Introducing the first system to generate high definition soil property maps, SoilOptix®. Your precision planting equipment desires the highest accuracy to achieve the best ROI. With SoilOptix® we can provide a management system that is no longer one size fits all with each soil property and nutrient having its own management zone.

-Soil testing using passive radiation soil sensing

-Process includes driving 40ft swaths across field and then taking strategic soil samples

-Scans only need driven every eight to ten years with soil sampling the same distinct soil samples every four years.

-Equivalent of 335 samples per acre

-Maps can be used to generate variable rate maps

-Maps included are: pH, Mg, P, OM, Ca, Base Saturation Mg, Base Saturation K, Base Saturation Ca, CEC, %Sand, %Silt, %Loam, K/Mg ratio, and Ca/Mg ratio. Other optional maps are also available including micros.      

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